Hekun Huang Dissertation Defense

    Tuesday, August 6, 2019 - 9:30am
    Meinel 554

    Development and Optimization of Light Field Head-Mounted Display


    A light field display is considered as one of the most promising methods for solving the vergence-accommodation conflict existing in conventional stereoscopic 3D displays that lack the capability of correctly rendering focus cues. In this dissertation, a generalized framework to model the image formation process of light field displays is proposed, based on which the perceived retinal image quality and accommodation response of viewing a light field display are further simulated and characterized. Based on an integral-imaging (InI) method, a novel architecture of  a light fieldhead-mounted-display system is proposed to overcome the performance limitations of a conventional InI based 3D display method, and a high-performance optical see-through InI based light field head-mounted-display enabled by state-of-the-art freeform optics is developed. The optical design, implementation and experimental validation of the display are also presented and discussed.