Ph.D. Defense: Tamer Elazhary

    Wednesday, December 3, 2014 - 2:00pm
    Meinel 447

    "Generalized Pupil Aberrations of Optical Imaging Systems"


    This dissertation provides full general conditions to correct linear and quadratic field dependent aberrations that do not use any symmetry. They accurately predict the change in imaging aberrations in the presence of lower-order field-dependent aberrations. The definitions of image, object and coordinate system are completely arbitrary. These conditions are derived using a differential operator on the scalar wavefront function. The relationships are verified using ray trace simulations of a number of systems with varing degrees of complexity. The math is shown to be extendable to provide full expansion of the scalar aberration function about field. Using these conditions, a method is proposed to guide the design of imaging systems starting with only paraxial surface patches, then growing freeform surfaces that maintain the analytic conditions satisfied for each point in the pupil. Design examples are shown as a proof of the concept.