Special Presentation: Bill Ping Piu Kuo

    Wednesday, January 29, 2014 - 2:00pm - 3:15pm
    Meinel 547

    "Advanced Photon Mixer: Principle, Practice and Potentials in Data- and Bio-science"


    Trends in data- and bio-science are challenging current technology paradigm in three domains. First, data centers are producing petabit-per-second traffic switched across more than 100,000 nodes, thereby contesting the capacity of contemporary silicon switch fabric. Second, new knowledge discovery services as well as cyber-defense measures require instantaneous statistics capture over petabyte-scale data volume, exceeding processing capacity and speed of known electronic processors by a large margin. Third, medical and biological imaging demands are shifting from purely structural to spectroscopic-augmented modalities, in which novel illumination sources with unprecedented wavelength scanning range and rate are mandatory.

    A new class of devices based on parametric photon mixing circumvents the aforementioned barriers by allowing manipulation and generation of photonic signals directly in the photonic domain. While traditional devices are considered energy-inefficient and color-constrained, recent advances in photon mixer designs, nonlinear optical platforms and characterization tools have enabled sub-picojoule-per-bit processing efficiency and 1,000-nanometer spectral reach. This talk will report recent progress in advanced photon mixer synthesis. Particular emphasis will be on introducing new concepts to enable efficient photon mixing in diverse material platforms, as well as identifying potential applications in data- and bio-science.