2017 Tokyo Short Course

    Date Posted: 
    Wednesday, May 10, 2017

    The College of Optical Sciences and Utsonomiya University are pleased to present the fifth in a series of optical sciences and engineering short courses, taking place August 1-3 in Tokyo, Japan. Courses will be jointly taught by professors from the College of Optical Sciences as well as from Utsunomiya University, Center of Optical Research and Education. Course content is taken from undergraduate and graduate courses in optics.

    Students can learn geometrical optics; basic aberration theory and its application to optical design; higher order aberration theory and its application lens design; illumination engineering; and basic and advanced physical optics including crystal optics, Fourier optics, OCT, polarization measurement and interferometric measurement.

    For more information on the course schedule and on how to register, please see the official Tokyo Short Course Program website.