End of the Year Outreach at Optics

    Date Posted: 
    Wednesday, December 18, 2019

    Lots has been happening in the Wyant College of Optical Sciences. And that does not exclude outreach opportunities. Here are a few of the recent activities taking place around our community!

    On Friday, December 6th, Cochise Community College visited our college and Trin Riojas gave them a tour. There were 8 students and 2 chaperones. The students are currently sophomores and considering transferring to the UA.

    On Monday, December 9th, 16 students from various schools in La Paz County (Parker, Arizona) traveled 5 hours one way just to visit the University of Arizona. Their first stop was our college. Trin Riojas, Hillary Mathis, and Krystal Aramis Escarcega-Medina showed them demonstrations, had them play the skittles game, and gave them a tour.

    On Monday, December 9th, Micah Mann and Trin Riojas visited the college prep class at Ha:san Preparatory Academy. There were 16 students in that class—13 juniors and 3 seniors. Micah did a great job presenting a power point presentation which was then followed up by various optics demonstrations.