Imaging Technology Developed by Barrett Licensed to Lightpoint Medical

    Date Posted: 
    Wednesday, May 25, 2016

    A Molecular Imaging Technology originally developed by Regents' Professor of Optical Sciences Harrison H. Barrett, colleauge and OSC alumnus Dr. Luca Caucci and student Yijun Ding, has been licensed to Lightpoint Medical. The University of Arizona signed the exclusive license agreement, facilitated by Tech Launch Arizona, for the Beta Emmision Tomography technology.

    “Dr. Barrett’s work in imaging technology represents a great advance in imaging for cancer surgery,” says Doug Hockstad, senior director of technology transfer for Tech Launch Arizona. “This collaboration with Lightpoint is an ideal way to move this important work from the world of research out to where it can directly impact patient care.”

    For more on the Center for Gamma Ray Imaging technology, see the official press release through Tech Launch Arizona, as well as this article published by