Make Those Pennies Count!

    Date Posted: 
    Thursday, April 17, 2014

    You have less than a week to decide the fates of SOCk vice president Dawson Baker, Dean Thomas L. Koch and Associate Dean for Academic Programs R. John Koshel, as the First Semi-Official College of Optical Sciences Penny and Pie War draws to a close on Wednesday. Who will succumb to a face full of meringue?

    A closeup of a gold-toned penny next to the image of a meringue pie

    Again, the rules: You'll find the student, staff and faculty jars in front of Jen Garcia's desk in Meinel 403. Pennies count for two points, nickels deduct five points, a dollar deducts 100 points — drop $20 into a competitor's jar and set them back 2,000. The team that earns the most points earns bragging rights, the representative of the team with the fewest points gets up close and personal with dessert, and the final proceeds go to the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona

    Rumor has it that Tom's Walks with Campus Leaders this week was just a warm-up for his pie-avoidant getaway sprint. Meanwhile, John's been eyeing the jars and adjusting his collar nervously. Dawson, on the other hand, has been seen wandering the halls with a beatific smile.

    You know what to do, OSC.

    The final showdown of man versus pie happens at the OSC family picnic from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, April 26. RSVP today!

    Photo of penny courtesy of Flickr user aon; photo of pie courtesy of Flickr user pixellou