Mirror Arrival a Massive Undertaking

    Date Posted: 
    Monday, September 12, 2016

    TAO Mirror Delivered to the College of Optical Sciences' Optical Engineering and Fabrication Facility

    Historically, OSC’s Optical Engineering and Fabrication Facility's mirror processing capability was thought to be limited to mirrors approximately four meters in diameter due to the physical limitations of the access hatch into the shop and the capacity of the resident capital infrastructure. However, over the past year a team of University engineering staff led by OSC Director of Projects, Engineering and Technical Services Jeff Kingsley and Technical Director Chang Jin Oh verified, through rigorous engineering analysis, the feasibility of upgrading half of the shop floor to accommodate polish and test capability for mirrors 6.5m in diameter, while still reserving the remainder of the shop floor for smaller optics.

    Upon acceptance of the engineering analysis and fueled by direct investment from the University, an upgrade program was agreed to between the Office of Research and Discovery, the College of Optical Sciences and the College of Sciences. 

    Sept. 8 marked a major milestone for the College of Optical Sciences as the first 6.5m mirror in history was crane-lifted on a 60-degree axis and lowered into the facility for polish and test. The OSC Optical Engineering and Fabrication Facility is now expanding their capability for processing optics up to 6.5m in diameter. The first phase of upgrading the capability is funded by the UA Office of Research of Discovery.

    Congratulations to Optical Fabrication Facility Foreman Daniel Caywood, who managed the move and lift, as well as the Optical Engineering and Fabrication Facility team for a job well done on this massive logistical feat! For more information on the team and the facility, contact Chang Jin Oh at 520-626-5454 or cjoh@optics.arizona.edu.

    For photos of the event, see our photo gallery section.