Newport Corp. Donates Lab Tables

    Date Posted: 
    Wednesday, December 7, 2016

    A special delivery — designed to enhance research education — made its way to the College’s undergraduate teaching lab thanks to Newport Corporation’s recent donation of six lab tables and a variety of other components and equipment.  

    Newport’s commitment to advance the educational opportunities for students is evident from their engagement as a Principal Industrial Affiliate member at the College. 

    "This generous donation by Newport is a great example of how faculty and students can see the direct benefit to them by the increased involvement of our Industrial Affiliate members," Thomas L. Koch, Dean for the College of Optical Sciences, said. "This donation is a win-win for everyone. The College gains lab tables and equipment that will help carry out our mission - and in return, our corporate partners will have more highly trained students to hire from the College."

    "In recognition of our legacy as the leading global supplier of advanced technology products and systems and our ongoing presence at the College of Optical Sciences, Newport is proud to make this donation to help nurture optical science education in one of the best optics teaching labs in the world," said Jim Fisher, Vice President and General Manager at MKS Instruments / Newport.

    Newport Corporation Donates Lab Tables to College of Optical Sciences

    Newport Corporation Donates Lab Tables to College of Optical Sciences