Optics Students Win Big

    Date Posted: 
    Wednesday, May 11, 2016

    Two teams consisting of OSC graduate and undergraduate students were recently awarded numerous awards as part of the UA McGuire Center Pitch Contest and Perkins Coie Innovative Minds Challenge.

    OSC undergrad Brian Herrera and his team at Defiiant Technologies recently secured three awards for their 3-D Social Media Experience Wearable Virtual Reality Camera and Mobile App. On April 29, the group participated in the UA McGuire Center Pitch Contest and took home third place with $2,500. A few days later on May 3, they were awarded an Arizona Center for Innovation's Mentored Launch Program Fellowship, a portion of a shared $25,000 cash prize for their participation in the 2016 Perkins Coie Innovative Minds Challenge and $2,500 awarded by InnovateUA, a student-led entrepreneurship group.

    Also participating in the Perkins Coie Challenge were graduate students Ross Uthoff and Page Kingmembers of the Illumination Design Group. They too were awarded an Arizona Center for Innovation's Mentored Launch Program Fellowship and a portion of the $25,000 cash prize for their work in developing display lighting to optimize the preservation and presentation of high-value artwork. Other members of the Illumination Design Group are Rachel Ulanch, Liliana Ruiz Diaz and Kaitlyn Williams.