OSC 2019 Spirit Week & Holiday Celebrations

    Date Posted: 
    Wednesday, November 20, 2019

    Faculty, Staff, and Students are all invited to the Annual Staff Recognition & Holiday Luncheon at the Wyant College of Optical Sciences on Dec. 12 at noon in the Meinel 3rd Floor Lobby. Join us for fun, food, and celebration! A Holiday Gift Exchange will follow the festivities, please drop off your gift to participate by Dec. 11 with Nichole Jimenez, rm 719 (rules below).

    Spirit Week

    Before the big celebration we will get ready for the fun with a Spirit Week!

    December 2-6

    OSC Penny Wars

    Rules: Pennies are awarded positive points and other denominations are awarded negative points. Each floor seeks to maximize its points by getting as many pennies as possible in their containers, preventing other denominations from being slipped in, and trying to put non-penny coins or bills into other floors' containers. 

    Jar Locations:

    • Optics Shop - Room 106L
    • 4th Floor - Room 403
    • 5th Floor - Room 542
    • 6th Floor - Room 642
    • 7th Floor - Room 704

    All Proceeds go to the Campus Pantry

    December 9

    Ugly Sweater Contest

    Come to work in your ugliest, most festive, craziest holiday sweater! Votes will be collected in the afternoon. Swing by Amee Hennig's office, Rm 718, before noon on Dec. 9 to have your photo taken and be included in the vote.

    December 10

    Door Decorating Contest

    Have your door decorated by the 10th to participatae! Votes will be collected in the afternoon.

    December 11

    Holiday Bake Sale for Charity

    Join us for a holiday bake sale for charity. Bring your best baked good and it will be individually wrapped for sale. All proceeds from the bakery will be donated to the Campus Pantry.

    Gift Exchange Rules

    To get into the festive spirit this year we're having a HOLIDAY GIFT EXCHANGE again!! 

    Here's what you do..

    Buy a gift (minimum value of $10) - Please also make sure your gift is not a used gift, gender specific, not a gag gift or a children’s toy. Bring the gift (wrapped) to Nichole Jimenez's office - Room 719 before December 12th. We will make a list of those that brought gifts.

    Game Rules:

    The HOLIDAY GIFT EXCHANGE is Dec. 12, following the luncheon, at approx. 12:45/1:00pm, for everyone who has brought a gift to exchange.  Meet by the Christmas tree in the 3rd Floor foyer to take part in the fun! 

    Everyone who brought a gift to exchange will draw a number out of a bowl, the person with #1 will choose a gift first.  The person with #2 has the option of taking #1’s gift or choosing a wrapped gift.  Person #3 has the option of choosing a wrapped gift or taking a gift already chosen/opened by those ahead, and so on.  This goes on until the last number is called. 

    After the last person has had their turn, the person with #1 has the option of taking somebody else's gift.  Please remember that a gift can only be passed/taken 3 times, the first person is considered 1 time, therefore, the gift can only be taken twice once it has already been opened/selected.  The person who takes a gift for the third time gets to keep it for good.  You cannot pick your own gift initially, but, once it has been picked/opened you may steal it back. 

    REMEMBER - you can only take part if you have brought a gift, unfortunately the day of the luncheon we will be very busy, so we will not be accepting gifts for the gift exchange on the 12th. 

    It is a lot of fun, I hope you will join us.