OSC Student Awarded Goldwater Scholarship

    Date Posted: 
    Tuesday, May 8, 2018

    The 2018 Awardees of the Goldwater Scholarship have been officially announced. Among the recipients is the College of Optical Sciences very own Adriana Mitchell for her project "Polar Plume Dynamics of the Indonesian 2016 Total Solar Eclipse" under the mentorship of Dr. Matt Penn and Professor Vishnu Reddy. See a full list of 2018 awardees.

    Adriana hopes to achieve a Ph.D. in planetary sciences or engineering and conduct research on the Martian frontier and manage NASA research missions to worlds with astrobiological implications.

    The Goldwater Scholars were selected based on academic merit from a field of 1,280 natural sciences, mathematics, and engineering students nominated by the campus representatives from over 2,000 colleges and universities nationwide. Of those reporting, 110 of the Scholars are men, 99 are women, and virtually all intend to obtain a Ph.D. as their highest degree objective. Twenty-nine Scholars are mathematics and computer science majors, 142 are majoring in the natural sciences, and 40 are majoring in engineering. Many of the Scholars have dual majors in a variety of mathematics, science, engineering, and computer science.

    Since its first award in 1989, the Foundation has as of 2018 bestowed 8,132 scholarships worth approximately 65 million dollars.

    Learn more about the Goldwater Scholarship in the press release.