Research Lab Accepts Microscope from Generous Donor

    Date Posted: 
    Tuesday, May 23, 2017

    Rudi Rottenfusser donates microscope to Judith Su's lab.

    Friend to the College, Rudi Rottenfusser, recently donated a very special Ziess OpMi 1 microscope with custom illumination for coaxial incident or transmitted light to the College of Optical Sciences. The microscope is designated for use in Dr. Judith Su's research lab.   

    According to Rudi, the microscope is equipped for a total visual magnification as high as 42x (working distance 12cm) and as low as 2x (working distance 30cm) with multiple steps in-between. As a one-time senior product specialist for ZEISS MicroImaging, Rudi pieced together the donated microscope from various gifts he received over the years. Upon his retirement in 2009, after more than 43 years with ZEISS, he continued as a consultant with ZEISS Microscopy for four more years.  

    Dr. Su's background is in imaging, microfabrication and optical instrument building for biological and medical applications. In general, her research interests are to use imaging, sensing and rheological techniques to reveal basic biological functions at the molecular, cellular and tissue levels. Recently her work has centered on label‐free single molecule detection using microtoroid optical resonators with an eye on basic research, and translational medicine through the development of miniature field portable devices.

    Rudi met with Dr. Su and several of her students on May 10 for a demonstration on setting up this rare and highly valuable instrument. "I am happy that the microscope now has a meaningful future home," said Rudi, who retired to Green Valley, Ariz. with his wife, Hanna.