RiO Program Results

    Date Posted: 
    Friday, August 10, 2018

    The Research in Optics REU program is a 10-week summer program where students engage in world-class optical science research and learn the invaluable application of optics technologies. 

    2018 Program


    The following students participated in the 2018 Research in Optics Program. Each student provided a quote about what they learned during the program, and you'll also find a link to their poster. Pictures can be seen here.

    Kellen Arnold:

    Quote: “For an engineer by training, the most difficult part of a purely observational project is to realize that one is working toward an application that has yet to be conceptualized.”

    Heather Cihak:

    Quote: "This program has proven to be an invaluable experience. I had a great time learning about quantum control and working on a fascinating experiment. I was very fortunate to be able to work with such incredible people. They supported me throughout the program and helped me further develop my research skills."

    Paul Johnson: 

    Quote: “Not only did the RiO program give me the opportunity to peruse advanced research as an undergraduate, but I was able to meet and network with physicists in a number of different fields.”

    Nicholas Kosan:

    Quote: “The thing I loved the most about the REU was how I had the opportunity to work independently and with autonomy. This led me to feel like the results I produced were truly the result of my own work, and to feel proud of my work.”

    Caleb Nunn:

    Quote: “This summer’s project was challenging, yet intriguing, and I’ve learned a lot from both my failures and successes.”

    Cameron Perl:

    Quote: “RiO has given me the unique opportunity to connect with professionals who will act as contacts and mentors in my future. Additionally, I was able to learn and use top of the line equipment and technology that is usually reserved for industry.”

    Daniel Xu:

    Quote: "This summer experience has shown me that failure isn't a waste of time, but rather an invaluable stepping stone towards my ambitions."