Summer Camps Galore! Volunteer Today

    Date Posted: 
    Tuesday, June 5, 2018

    Every summer the College of Optical Sciences welcomes a number of precollege groups to visit and participate in exciting summer camp programs hosted by OSC staff, faculty, and students. These programs would not be possible without your help! If you would like to volunteer for any of the following camps please contact the designated organizer (Trin Riojas: CIAN EASIS Camps & Melissa Ayala: SEA Camps).

    June 13: Summer Engineering Academy, Contact: Melissa Ayala

    June 20: Summer Engineering Academy, Contact: Melissa Ayala

    June 25 - June 29: Mescalero EASIS Camp, Contact: Trin Riojas

    July 9 - July 13: Winslow EASIS Camp, Contact: Trin Riojas

    July 19 - July 20: Summer Engineering Academy Grand Challenge Days at OSC, Contact: Melissa Ayala

    More about the Summer Engineering Academy (SEA)

    High school students attending the 2018 Summer Engineering Academy can expect some exciting new options in their quest to learn about how engineers change people’s lives. This year SEA is focused on the Grand Challenges for Engineering. Themes for the weeklong STEM residential camps range from health and security to sustainability and infrastructure. Plus, the first of two Explore Engineering camp sessions – which introduce the range of UA Engineering majors and related careers. The College of Optical Sciences will host the students on the dates above to explore the study of light. More about the SEA camps on the College of Engineering website.

    More about the EASIS Camps

    The Expect Academic Success in STEM (EASIS) Summer Camps are 5-day summer camps hosted by the Center for Integrated Access Networks (CIAN) based out of the college, offering 20 hours of optics demonstrations and presentations by Optical Sciences graduate students and faculty, approximately 15 hours of guided tours of optics and STEM labs, as well as a college preparation workshop. Two EASIS cohorts will be visiting the College of Optical Sciences for five-day camps in Summer 2018, both from Native American-serving schools, Mescalero Apache School and the Winslow Unified School District. Learn more about the camp on CIAN's website.