Superlative Staff: August SPOT & 3rd Quarter Peer to Peer

    Date Posted: 
    Tuesday, September 25, 2018

    OSC Staff Recognition Program

    Congratulations to OSC's latest Staff Recognition Award winners! Lindsay Loebig is our August SPOT Award recipient, while Trin Riojas receives the 3rd Quarter Peer-to-Peer award. Lindsay, who was nominated by John Koshel, will receive $50 and Trin, nominated by Ameé Hennig, will receive $250. Both were given certificates for their accomplishments. 

    John writes of Lindsay:  

    Lindsay Loebig Receives August 2018 SPOT Award from John Koshel"Lindsay has taken on the role of Graduate Student Advisor with aplomb and a lot of new ideas. She is one of the most busy in AP, due primarily to the size of our graduate program. She has proposed a number of recruiting efforts to get better and more students. The logistics for the preliminary exam has been "interesting" this summer, with the DRC making requests on a daily, if not hourly, basis for our graduate students. She worked to develop a plan that satisfied all, but was not simple to accomplish.

    Simply, Lindsay is leading and thinking about how she can improve the the experience for our graduate students. She does such independently of me, but comes to me with to gain my input and to show the finished product. I cannot say enough about how she has taken charge."

    Ameé writes of Trin:

    Trin Riojas Receives 2018 3rd Quarter Peer to Peer Award from Amee Hennig"After I accepted my new role as Media Content Manager I left behind the many programs that I oversaw while the Education Director for CIAN. Trin took over these tasks and programs, and I'm so thankful that she's been there. Not only does Trin have a fantastic knowledge of the history behind these programs and how they work but she is really dedicated to their success. She has taken over a great deal of responsibility by organizing these programs on top of the finanical administration roles that she already played. In any day I'll see her working hard to make sure that everyone in CIAN has their hotel reservations, plane tickets, and that the program is all set to go. She works hard to make sure that the CIAN summer programs get off to a great start; that top candidates are recruited and selected for each program; seeks out new opportunities for particpants to make sure that they have the best possible experience at the UA and the College of Optical Sciences; and much more.

    She really truly cares about every single OSC faculty, staff, student, as well as everyone who comes to participate in the CIAN summer programs. She continues CIAN outreach initiatives by recruiting OSC students to attend special events and she's there herself speaking to kids about the amazing world that can be found in optics research. If there was ever a top advocate for the College of Optical Sciences Trin would be it."

    A very big congratulations to both of you from all of us at OSC! 

    If you would like to nominate someone, please see the official Staff Recognition Program page on the OSC website, which includes an easy-to-use online nomination form.