Superlative Staff: February SPOT & 1st Quarter Peer to Peer

    Date Posted: 
    Wednesday, March 20, 2019

    OSC Staff Recognition Program

    Congratulations to OSC's latest Staff Recognition Award winners! Hillary Mathis is our February SPOT Award recipient, while Mark Rodriguez receives the 1st Quarter Peer-to-Peer award. Hillary, who was nominated by John Koshel, will receive $50 and Mark, nominated by Lindsay Loebig, will receive $250. Both were given certificates for their accomplishments. 

    John writes of Hillary:  

    Lindsay Loebig Receives August 2018 SPOT Award from John Koshel"Hillary has organized the instructional labs beyond my expectations. First, she came in and cleaned them up, got rid of old and useless material, organized them, and made a much better working environment for our students. Next, she instituted a number of new things: a very capable equipment checkout system, bins holding equipment for certain labs, archiving of the lab write-ups, and a refined process for requesting equipment donation for IA membership. She has also taken over the Outreach Class (OPTI x89) and made it more dynamic. Finally, she has gone beyond the pale to host Tuesday lab demos in the Instructional Lab hallway and be an active member of Outreach for the College. For the former she shows optics demos to interested students - ours and those from other disciplines. In conclusion, Hillary has taken over the Instructional Labs and moved them to be more productive, organized, and useful to the College. She has goes way beyond expectations when she joined us."

    Lindsay writes of Mark:

    Trin Riojas Receives 2018 3rd Quarter Peer to Peer Award from Amee Hennig"Before I was hired, Mark balanced his new position (basically a two person job in itself), along with continuing the duties of the graduate advisor (also a two-person job). When I came on as the new graduate advisor, he graciously helped me learn the position and was always willing to lend a hand when I wasn’t sure how to do something. Later, when the undergraduate advisor left, Mark also jumped in to support bachelor’s students while the search for a new advisor took place. On top of that, he also filled in collecting resumes and sending out job announcements before the fall’s Industrial Affiliates Workshop. I am in awe that he managed on numerous occasions to take on multiple full-time roles for the college without any complaint. 

    When our office is short staffed, Mark is there. When a faculty member/student turn in late hiring paperwork, Mark is there. When someone needs a last minute report, he’s there. When there is an event that needs extra assistance, he’s there. I do not think people realize how much work Mark does, because he does it with such ease and without objection. He is the silent, helpful hand that deserves recognition. The College of Optical Sciences is lucky to have this benevolent individual as part of the college."

    A very big congratulations to both of you from all of us at OSC! 

    If you would like to nominate someone, please see the official Staff Recognition Program page on the OSC website, which includes an easy-to-use online nomination form.