Superlative Staff: May 2015

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    Wednesday, June 24, 2015

    Congratulations to Cindy Robertson and Linda Schadler, recipients of our May 2015 Staff Recognition awards.

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    Linda received a Spot Recognition from her supervisor, Nasser Peyghambarian, who had much to say about her positive attitude and strong work ethic:

    Nasser Peyghambarian hands Linda Schadler her Staff Recognition certificate

    Linda is very dedicated and conscientious, always going above and beyond ... I know I can depend on her to always do a fantastic job managing my research group, my proposals, my reports, and my contracts – and anything else that I need her to do. Linda always meets deadlines, which are sometimes difficult, working as many hours as needed to get the job done. She is always willing to help co-workers with any task and promotes a team atmosphere. My group, as well as myself, relies heavily on her support, and she never lets us down. The quality of her work is always exceptional ...

    Cindy was the second-quarter Peer-to-Peer award recipient, having garnered nominations from both Ruth Corcoran and Susan Nares.

    Ruth had this to say:

    Ruth Corcoran hands Cindy Robertson her Staff Recognition certificate

    I believe Cindy needs to be recognized for the major contribution she makes to our college. Cindy Robertson strives to deliver excellence in her job performance every day. She demonstrates an outstanding work ethic that shows her devotion to her job duties. She strives to make our distance program all that it can be and she consistently looks for ways to improve the program. ... Her organizational skills in maintaining the homework and exam records of her distance students is a high priority to her.

    And according to Susan, who also works with Cindy on the Colloquium lecture series, which is videoed almost every week during the academic year:

    In regards to OSC's holiday party, Cindy helped out tremendously. Just this past holiday season, in addition to her great idea of purchasing disposable tablecloths (saving money), Cindy took down all the decorations after the holiday break which released the rest of the committee of having to do this. Cindy is:

    1. Dependable.
    2. Adheres to UA policy and procedures.
    3. Demonstrates initiative in posting material for distance learning students on the Web.
    4. Has performed above and beyond the call of duty in regard to her responsibility on the holiday planning committee.

    The college is incredibly grateful for its incredible staff, including this month's honorees. To nominate a colleague for an award, please use the online form.