Superlative Staff: October 2016

    Date Posted: 
    Thursday, September 29, 2016

    Staff Recognition Program banner

    Congratulations to Amanda Ferraris, who is our 3rd Quarter 2016 Peer-to-Peer award winner! Amanda was nominated by Melissa Fasulo, and was given a plaque and $250 for her high-quality work and always going "the extra mile" to complete her projects.

    Melissa says of Amanda:

    Amanda is extremely organized and on-task to meet difficult deadlines. She recently completed the FY2016 rollover for graduate students, which is not an easy task to coordinate students and faculty. She also prepares the TA list each semester, is responsible for hiring graduate students for the College and monitors the Academic Programs budget.

    Amanda is a huge asset to the business office during busy times, assisting graduate students and faculty during the start of the semester and summer to ensure everyone has their paperwork filled out correctly and on time. She follows up on each student and will process any changes if necessary, which is not something that as been done by her predecessors.

    The OSC Staff Recognition Program was implemented to recognize outstanding performance beyond standard job expectations. Classified staff and appointed professionals are eligible, and all OSC staff and faculty are encouraged to nominate. For full details on the staff recognition program, see the official Staff Recognition Program page under the Human Resources section of our website.