Superlative Staff: October 2016

    Date Posted: 
    Tuesday, November 22, 2016

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    Congratulations to Hector Garcia and Amanda Ferraris, who are our October 2016 SPOT Recognition award winners! Hector, now a two-time recipient and the 2015 Employee of the Year, was nominated by Mary Puig, while Amanda (also the 3rd Quarter Peer-to-Peer award winner) was nominated by R. John Koshel. Both received a plaque and a $50 gift certificate, and are now eligible for the employee of the year.

    Mary says of Hector:

    Hector has demonstrated his ability to perform and encourage a supportive, team-oriented environment with OSC staff as well as the university community. His involvement in applying different strategies with the President's Office tailgate events has improved the overall outcomes of these events. His performance continues to demonstrate his ability to contribute towards an effective workplace. 

    October 2016 SPOT Award Winner, Hector Garcia with presenter, Mary Puig


    John says of Amanda:

    Amanda goes the extra mile all the time. She led the effort for our ABET self review and on-site review this year, on top of her normal workload. She accomplished it by being efficient, organized, passionate and putting in many extra hours on late nights and weekends. She also has developed a number of processes that make the whole effort more worthwhile. Simply, Amanda is one of the most dedicated persons to her job.

    R. John Koshel with Oct 2016 SPOT award winner, Amanda Ferraris.


    A very big congratulations to both of you from all of us at OSC! 

    If you would like to nominate someone, please see the official Staff Recognition Program page on the OSC website, which includes an easy-to-use online nomination form.