Tohono O'odham Students Visit OSC

    Date Posted: 
    Thursday, November 12, 2015

    Tohono O'odham students from San Simon Visit the College of Optical Sciences

    In a partnership with CIAN and through the AISPIRE (American Indian Student & Parent Involved Research Experience) after-school program, the San Simon Day School brought 46 third through eighth grade students to the College of Optical Sciences to learn about optics. The students toured the building, visited various labs and ended the day creating kaleidoscopes and "edible optics," designed by our own Ph.D. student, Jasmine Sears.

    For more on this outreach visit, read the full blog on the CIAN website. Additionally, you can view the photos from the event within our photos section.

    [Editor's note: Jasmine Sears was recently highlighted in our Another Wavelength student feature.]