Warm Holiday Wishes

    Date Posted: 
    Friday, December 20, 2013

    Last Thursday, the college rang in a happy holiday season — and rang out another fantastic fall semester. A talented group of staff and students offered a selection of festive tunes while their colleagues enjoyed a Mexican buffet lunch and then gathered for a gift exchange.

    Photos from the event are now available.

    Many, many thanks go out to:

    Dawson Baker (accordian)
    Jennifer Garcia (ukelele)
    Genevieve Gish Allouche (vocals)
    Dale Karas (keyboard and vocals)
    Lisa Li (vocals)
    Susan Nares (vocals)
    Matthew Risi (vocals)

    Organizing Committee
    Hector Garcia
    Cindy Gardner
    Anabel Moreno
    Susan Nares
    Trin Riojas
    Cindy Robertson
    Laura Ross
    Diedra Shoulders-Jones
    Lacey Singh
    Luis Valdez Jr.
    Lucy Valenzuela