WiO Officer Selections for Fall 2020

    Date Posted: 
    Monday, August 24, 2020

    Last week the WiO board was excited to welcome the new chairs to their Fall 2020 board! Congratulations to Kira Hart, Rina Fujieda, Juliana Richter, Madeline Bergay, and Nikki Galvez. They will be working closely with the WiO Executive Board, Ravn Jenkins, Charlotte Guthery, and Kayla Filipek throughout the next semester. This group of students will bring new ideas and dedication to improve and grow the WiO community. The chair positions will allow WiO to focus on specific goals in relation to outreach, recruitment, and WiO's two large events of the year: CUWiP and Prism Week. WiO is excited to work together in their mission to foster diversity and equality at OSC!