Workshops in Computer Generated Holograms and Lithography

    Date Posted: 
    Thursday, March 28, 2013

    This year, May at OSC will be marked by two specialized workshops: the Optics of Imaging in Lithography Workshop, from May 6 through 10, and the Computer Generated Holography and Diffractive Optical Elements Workshop, from May 13 through May 17. Registration for the events is now open, and both SPIE members and Industrial Affiliates members receive 10 percent discounts for early payment. Participants can, for the first time, pay for these workshops online.

    The lithography workshop is a short course about the optical principles of projection lithography systems, suitable for the scientist, engineer, manager or technician with a strong background in math and some basic knowledge of optics.

    The CGH workshop, which features an optional early session on Matlab, Optiscan and Zemax software and an optional followup session on advanced practical design and fabrication projects, is meant to provide participants with a hands-on opportunity to learn the processes needed to design and build physical devices.

    If you have any questions about registering or attending either event, please contact Diedra Shoulders-Jones, the workshop coordinator, at