Short Course on DVD: Solid-State Lasers 1: Fundamental Physics

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Richard C. Powell

This course describes the properties of lasers based on optically active ions doped into insulating host materials. In Part 1, the fundamental physics concepts relevant to solid-state lasers are discussed, while in Part 2 the application of these concepts to specific laser systems is reviewed. The emphasis of the course is on the materials and physics involved in solid-state laser development and applications.

Intended Audience: 

Scientists, engineers and managers dealing with the design and application of systems utilizing solid-state lasers.

Learning Objectives: 

This course aims to provide participants with:

  • A knowledge of the variety of host materials and active ions available for use as solid-state lasers and their range of properties.
  • An understanding of how the spectroscopic properties of materials effects the laser operational parameters.
  • An understanding of the fundamental atomic and solid-state physics concepts that determine the characteristics of a material relevant to laser operation.
  • The understanding gained from this course should help informed decision-making for those involved in research and development of new lasers or managers selecting laser systems for specific applications.
Course Outline: 
  • Introduction and review of basic laser concepts and their relationship to the optical properties of materials
  • Free ion energy levels — atomic physics, the coupling of angular momentum, Coulomb and exchange interactions
  • Energy levels of ions in a static crystal field — the use of group theory to account for the symmetry of the system
  • Interaction of ions with electromagnetic radiation — absorption and emission of photons and selection rules
  • Effects of lattice vibrations — absorption and emission of phonons to provide thermal quenching and changes in the widths and positions of spectral lines
  • Effects of ion-ion interactions — the formation of exchange coupled pairs and energy transfer pumping and quenching

Cindy Robertson

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