Innovation and invention are daily occurrences at the College of Optical Sciences. The field of optics is full of possibilities — as Nobel laureate and OSC professor Nicolaas Bloembergen explains, " I think that what attracts me most ... is the eternal fascination of discovering, in my laboratory or at my desk, something that no one before me has found."

For more information about our faculty’s patents, see the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the UA Office of Technology Transfer's list of licensable technologies.


Patent Number Patent Title OSC Author(s) All Authorssort icon
JP 5,135,244 Optical waveguide switches Yasufumi Enami

Yasufumi Enami

5,717,676 Apparatus for recording on master optical disc Yushi Kaneda

Yushi Kaneda and Hisayuki Yamats

5,349,603 Solid-state laser resonator Yushi Kaneda

Yushi Kaneda and Michio Oka

6,658,029 Laser beam-generating apparatus Yushi Kaneda

Yushi Kaneda

JP 3,792,883 Lighting system and projection display device by using it Yuzuru Takashima

Yuzuru Takashima

JP 3,333,679 Groove cutting method Yuzuru Takashima

Yuzuru Takashima

JP 2,994,229 Endoscope Yuzuru Takashima

Yuzuru Takashima

JP 2,974,644 Reflecting and refracting optical lens and its manufacture Yuzuru Takashima

Yuzuru Takashima

JP 2,854,781 Optical equipment Yuzuru Takashima

Yuzuru Takashima

9326738 Method and system for reduced dose X-ray imaging Jiahua Fan

Z. Yin, R. Milsen, J. Fan, T. Benson, B. DeMan, J. Pack, K. Zeng

5,991,488 Coupled plasmon-waveguide resonance spectroscopic device and method for measuring film properties H. Angus Macleod

Zdzislaw Salamon, Gordon Tollin and H. Angus Macleod

5,782,602 Device for loading and unloading pallets

Zersis M. Mehta and Robert M. Stone

4,337,758 Solar energy collector and converter Aden B. Meinel

Aden B. Meinel and Walter B. Meinel

4,131,485 Solar energy collector and concentrator Aden B. Meinel

Aden B. Meinel and Walter B. Meinel

4,836,666 Compensation for primary reflector wavefront error Aden B. Meinel

Aden B. Meinel, Marjorie P. Meinel and John E. Stacy

6,773,116 Projection display device Stephen C. McClain

Adrianuus Johannes Stephanes Maria De Vaan, Stephen McClain and Holger Moench

6,493,093 Bat-wing attenuation in white-light interferometry Joanna Schmit

Akiko Harasaki and Joanna Schmit

4,539,573 Protective construction for optical disk units

Alan B. Marchant and Dennis G. Howe

4,475,183 Optical disk retrieval methods, media and systems employing digital data of high fractional bandwidth

Alan B. Marchant and Dennis G. Howe

6,904,202 Writing waveguides with an arbitrary Bragg wavelength

Alan Johnson and Pierre St. Hilaire