Innovation and invention are daily occurrences at the College of Optical Sciences. The field of optics is full of possibilities — as Nobel laureate and OSC professor Nicolaas Bloembergen explains, " I think that what attracts me most ... is the eternal fascination of discovering, in my laboratory or at my desk, something that no one before me has found."

For more information about our faculty’s patents, see the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the UA Office of Technology Transfer's list of licensable technologies.


Patent Number Patent Titlesort icon OSC Author(s) All Authors
6,385,362 Hybrid integrated optical add-drop multiplexer Robert A. Norwood

Robert A. Norwood

5,767,517 Hybrid resampling method for fan beam SPECT William G. Hawkins

William G. Hawkins

7,912,327 Hybrid strip-loaded electro-optic polymer/sol-gel modulator

Christopher T. DeRose, Roland Himmelhuber, Robert A. Norwood and Nasser Peyghambarian

7,198,370 Illumination apparatus Matthew Dubin

Matthew B. Dubin and Brent D. Larson

6,264,332 Illumination apparatus and a projection type image display apparatus using it Yuzuru Takashima

Yoshinori Honguh, Yuzuru Takashima, Hisayuki Mihara and Masaru Kitamura

6,202,040 Image modifiers for use in scanning photographic images Jim Schwiegerling

James T. Schwiegerling and William F. Coyer

7,513,627 Image projection system with vibration compensation Matthew Dubin

Brent D. Larson and Matthew B. Dubin

9486173 Image quality improvement via dynamic trigger frequency adjustment for CT imaging Jiahua Fan

J. Fan, J. Pack, G. Cao, D. Pitterle, G. Stevens

6,072,570 Image quality mapper for progressive eyeglasses Russell A. Chipman

Russell Chipman, Jonathan J. Drewes and James B. Hadaway

7,166,878 Image sensor with deep well region and method of fabricating the image sensor

James Robert Janesick, Eugene L. Dines, Mark S. Muzilla and Maryn G. Stapelbroek

7,250,325 Image sensor with deep well region and method of fabrication the image sensor

James Robert Janesick, Eugene l. Dines, Mark S. Muzilla and Maryn G. Stapelbroek

5,818,900 Image spot noise reduction employing rank order

Thomas L. Vogelson, William John Dallas, Hans Roehrig and Eugene J. Gross

4,025,195 Image subtraction, addition system James C. Wyant

John F. Ebersole and James C. Wyant

16/098,624 Image-Guided Microwave Therapy Russell S. Witte
62/555,524 Imaging Electrical Current Patterns Generated by a Medical Device Russell S. Witte
7,048,379 Imaging lens and illumination system

Joseph M. Miller and James T. Schwiegerling

4,595,014 Imaging probe and method

Harrison H. Barrett, Herbert B. Barber and Walter J. Wild

3,860,821 Imaging system Harrison H. Barrett

Harrison H. Barrett

4,419,675 Imaging system and method for printed circuit artwork and the like

Don B. Neumann, Lyle K. Norton and Eric V. Olson

3,748,470 Imaging system utilizing spatial coding Harrison H. Barrett

Harrison H. Barrett