Innovation and invention are daily occurrences at the College of Optical Sciences. The field of optics is full of possibilities — as Nobel laureate and OSC professor Nicolaas Bloembergen explains, " I think that what attracts me most ... is the eternal fascination of discovering, in my laboratory or at my desk, something that no one before me has found."

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Patent Numbersort icon Patent Title OSC Author(s) All Authors
7,351,972 Infrared radiation image having sub-pixelization and detector interdigitation

Arvind I. D’Souza, Maryn G. Stapelbroek, Larry C Dawson and Dale E. Molyneux

7,336,347 Methods, apparatus and systems for evaluating gemstones José Sasián

José Sasián, James Caudill and Peter Yantzer

7,334,630 Closed-loop microchannel cooling system Linan Jiang

Kenneth E. Goodson, Chuau-Hua Chen, David E. Huber, Linan Jiang, Thomas W. Kenny, Jae-Mo Koo, Daniel J. Laser, James C. Mikkelsen, Juan G. Santiago, Evelyn Ning-Yi Wang, Shulin Zeng and Lian Zhang

7,327,958 Transient-based channel growth for optical transmission systems Daniel Kilper

Daniel C. Kilper, Narasimhan Raghavan, Elizabeth O. Richey, Sydney A. Taegar and Christopher A. White

7,324,695 Prioritized image visualization from scalable compressed data Michael W. Marcellin

Karthik Krishnan, Arun Krishnan, Michael Marcellin and Mariappan Nadar

7,324,273 Confocal self-interference microscopy from which side lobe has been removed Dongkyun "DK" Kang

Dongkyun "DK" Kang

7,312,875 Two-wavelength spatial-heterodyne holography
7,298,970 Zoom flash with variable focus lens Rongguang Liang

Rongguang Liang and David Kessler

7,296,894 Fundus camera having scanned illumination and pupil tracking Rongguang Liang

Rongguang Liang and David Kessler

7,289,707 Multi-core optical fiber image amplifier and method of drawing

Arturo Chavez-Pirson, Bor-Chyuan Hwang, Shibin Jiang, Tao Luo, Dan Trung Nguyen and Wenyan Tian

7,283,744 Performance monitoring based on optical autocorrelation Daniel Kilper

Mihaela Dinu, Daniel C. Kilper and Howard R. Stuart

7,283,250 Measurement of object deformation with optical profiler

Erik Novak, Joanna Schmit and Paul R. Unruh

7,275,826 Fundus camera having curved mirror objective Rongguang Liang

Rongguang Liang

7,258,731 Composite, nanostructured, super-hydrophobic material
7,251,071 Transient control in optical transmission systems Daniel Kilper

Daniel C. Kilper, Claude A. Martell, Narasimhan Raghavan, David A. Sadler and Christopher A. White

7,250,325 Image sensor with deep well region and method of fabrication the image sensor

James Robert Janesick, Eugene l. Dines, Mark S. Muzilla and Maryn G. Stapelbroek

7,241,011 Fundus imaging system Rongguang Liang

Seung-Ho Baek, Douglass L. Blanding, Rongguang Liang, Dale L. Tucker and Jeffery R. Hawver

7,230,718 Simultaneous phase-shifting Fizeau interferometer James C. Wyant

James E. Millerd and James C. Wyant

7,230,717 Pixelated phase-mask interferometer

Neal J. Brock, James E. Millerd, James C. Wyant and John B. Hayes

7,217,951 Detector with tunable spectral response J. Scott Tyo

Sanjay Krishna, J. Scott Tyo, Majeed M. Hayat, Sunil Raghavan and Unal Sakoglu