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Date Posted: 
Monday, October 18, 2021

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Position Location: 
Tucson, AZ
Job Description: 

Hours per week: 10 - 20

Start Date: Flexible

Education: Currently Enrolled in a Secondary Education Program

Job Description: Airy Optics Inc. software development role will further innovation of Polaris-M 2.4 polarization ray tracing engine. 

The Software Development Internship will teach applicants how to plan, write and maintain software.  Interns are needed to maintain and improve the usability and quality of the software.  

This involves using Polaris-M in optical design situations to create examples of specific features, as well as testing the software for quality assurance.


  • Experience with Optical Design Software
  • Experience with Mathematica or another programming language
  • Optical Design Skills (preferably taken OPTI 340)
  • Ability to Work Independently
  • Linear Algebra
  • Experience with Polarization
  • Strong Organizational Skills

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