Optical Engineer Intern | Apple

Date Posted: 
Monday, April 4, 2022

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Position Location: 
Cupertino, CA
Job Description: 

This individual is responsible for developing flat panel display for future Apple products. The candidate must be motivated to work independently on new ideas and collaborate with cross functional team for failure analysis and problem solving. The candidate must have strong optical and photonics background in order to perform the design and evaluation of flat panel display.

  • In depth understanding on geometric optics, photonics and image science.
  • Hands-On experience to work in lab with optical components to design and execute experiment for optical performance validation.
  • Previous experience with OLED, LCD, TFT in flat panel display is preferred.
  • Experience with image processing in MATLAB, Python or other software are strongly desired.
  • Knowledge of colorimetry, radiometry and illumination optics are preferred.
  • Excellent self motivation, written and verbal communication skills and people skills are required.
  • Knowledge of thin films, optical coating, dichroic mirror and solid state physics.
  • Understanding on material science is also desired.


  • MS/PHD student in Physics, Optics and EE.

Yufeng Yan at yufeng_yan@apple.com.