Optics Engineer / Scientist | Dimensional Energy

Date Posted: 
Monday, July 27, 2020
Position Location: 
Ithaca, NY
Job Description: 
Dimensional Energy (Ithaca, NY), a revolutionary leader in artificial photosynthesis and solar fuels, is searching for an Optics Engineer / Scientist to perform experiments and innovate with our photocatalytic system.
Job title: Scientist or Engineer
Location: Ithaca, NY
Years of Experience: 2+
Job Type: Full Time
Relocation Assistance: No
Exempt/Non-Exempt: Exempt
Reports to: Project Engineer
Travel Required: open
Education Required: Bachelors/Masters in Optics, Physics, Engineering, or related scientific fields.
Summary of Position: The employee will explore and improve optical management of concentrated sunlight while confronting and solving challenges along the path. They will work with a diverse team to undertake groundbreaking applied technological development related to Dimensional Energy's optical waveguides and photocatalytic reactor designs. Abundant ingenuity and creativity are necessary to explore answers to questions that have not yet been asked.
The ideal candidate will have practical knowledge on the theory of optics, optical fibers, mirrors, lenses, optical system design, but most importantly a broad knowledge base of materials and significant hands-on experiences with optics technologies.
Hands-on experiences with piping, swagelok fittings,assembly of parts, maintenance of equipment, compressed gases, flow controllers, pumps, thermocouples, and analytical instrumentation such as gas analyzers would be helpful. This is a dirty job, and you'll get elbow-deep in your experiments.
The start-up environment is dynamic, lean, demanding and fast-paced. The ideal candidate is someone who can immediately contribute, deliver on planned goals, motivate and infect others with a passion for innovation. They should also be able to work and communicate with supply chain partners, and have experience working in teams. Everyone on the team wears many hats, so this job will entail continuous skills development and the ability to take on new roles as the need arises.
Dimensional Energy would like you to be
Bursting with optimism and boundless energy.
A tinkerer of contraptions, a Jack-of-all-trades,
A helpful team-member for system upgrades.
Whose professionalism and intelligence are obvious to see,
And focused, like sunlight, on our artificial tree.
Capable of rooting out issues that arise;
Crusading towards solutions that you will surmise.
Join our bunch of diverse Musketeers
Whom are friendly and hardworking scientists and engineers.
Experience Required or Desired:
  • Optics expertise
  • Experience in a laboratory research environment
  • Photochemistry / Chemical catalysis / Ceramics knowledge
  • Thermocouples, mass flow controllers, pressure controllers, compressed gases
  • Analytical instrumentation for gases
  • Process automation and data analysis
  • Software (Zemax/FRED/Optics Studio, CAD, Labview, Matlab, Arduino, Excel)
Skills Required or Desired
  • Organized
  • Attention to detail
  • Problem solving / creative
  • Capable of performing tasks with limited supervision
  • Prefers hands-on work
  • Tinkerer
  • Hard worker / dedicated
  • Software / Mechanical / Electrical Skills (Jack-of-all-trades)
  • Team player
Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Constantly innovate
  • Design, Build, and Maintain experimental equipment
  • Keep lab notes and accurate data records
  • Design and construct upscaled reactor components
  • GSD (Get Stuff Done) - at a small company, procrastination isn't an option