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Please note that the College of Optical Sciences does not offer undergraduate credit via distance learning; only graduate credit is available.

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Course Numbersort icon Title Instructor(s) Course Type Semester(s) Offered
OPTI 541ABC Laser Physics; (A) Intro to Laser Physics; (B) Laser systems & Applications; (C) Ultrafast Optics R. Jason Jones Graduate Course Fall
OPTI 553 Nonlinear Photonics Robert A. Norwood Graduate Course Fall
OPTI 567 Nanophotonics Euan McLeod Graduate Course Spring
OPTI 569L/469L System Programming for Engineers Leilei Peng Graduate Course, Undergraduate Course Fall
OPTI 570 Quantum Mechanics Brian P. Anderson Graduate Course Fall
OPTI 575/475 Optical Thin Films Graduate Course, Undergraduate Course Not Currently Offered
OPTI 576 Thin Film Optics Charles M. Falco Graduate Course Not Currently Offered
OPTI 584/484 Polarized Light and Polarimetry Meredith K. Kupinski Graduate Course, Undergraduate Course Spring
OPTI 585/485 Illumination Engineering R. John Koshel Graduate Course, Undergraduate Course Spring
OPTI 586 Polarization in Optical Design Meredith K. Kupinski Graduate Course Fall