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Please note that the College of Optical Sciences does not offer undergraduate credit via distance learning; only graduate credit is available.

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Course Numbersort icon Title Instructor(s) Course Type Semester(s) Offered
OPTI 586 Polarization in Optical Design Meredith K. Kupinski Graduate Course Fall
OPTI 585/485 Illumination Engineering R. John Koshel Graduate Course, Undergraduate Course Spring
OPTI 584/484 Polarized Light and Polarimetry Meredith K. Kupinski Graduate Course, Undergraduate Course Spring
OPTI 576 Thin Film Optics Charles M. Falco Graduate Course Not Currently Offered
OPTI 575/475 Optical Thin Films Graduate Course, Undergraduate Course Not Currently Offered
OPTI 570 Quantum Mechanics Brian P. Anderson Graduate Course Fall
OPTI 569L/469L System Programming for Engineers Leilei Peng Graduate Course, Undergraduate Course Fall
OPTI 567 Nanophotonics Euan McLeod Graduate Course Spring
OPTI 553 Nonlinear Photonics Robert A. Norwood Graduate Course Fall
OPTI 541ABC Laser Physics; (A) Intro to Laser Physics; (B) Laser systems & Applications; (C) Ultrafast Optics R. Jason Jones Graduate Course Fall