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Please note that the College of Optical Sciences does not offer undergraduate credit via distance learning; only graduate credit is available.

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Course Numbersort icon Title Instructor(s) Course Type Semester(s) Offered
OPTI 521/421 Introductory Optomechanical Engineering Brandon Chalifoux Graduate Course, Undergraduate Course Fall
OPTI 518 Introduction to Aberrations José Sasián Graduate Course Spring
OPTI 517 Lens Design José Sasián Graduate Course Fall
OPTI 514A/414A Photovoltaic Solar Energy Systems Raymond K. Kostuk Graduate Course, Undergraduate Course Spring
OPTI 513R Optical Testing Daewook Kim Graduate Course Spring
OPTI 512R Linear Systems, Fourier Transforms Amit Ashok Graduate Course Fall
OPTI 512L Mathematical Optics Laboratory Matthew A. Kupinski Graduate Course Fall
OPTI 511R Optical Physics and Lasers R. Jason Jones Graduate Course Spring
OPTI 510R Photonics Khanh Kieu Graduate Course Spring
OPTI 509 Statistical Optics Amit Ashok Graduate Course Spring