RiO Program Results

The Research in Optics REU program is a 10-week summer program where students engage in world-class optical science research and learn the invaluable application of optics technologies. Here you will find results from past summer programs, including student posters and abstracts.

2017 Program

2017 College of Optical Sciences Research in Optics (RiO) Program group photo

Participating Students

The following students participated in the 2017 Research in Optics Program. Each student provided a quote about what they learned during the program, and you'll also find a link to their presentation and poster.

Madison Burger

  • Quote: "I learned how to build a program from start to finish."
  • Photos: Presentation | Poster

Michael Choquer

  • Quote: "I learned how to go about solving a problem when unsure of the question. It also improved troubleshooting skills."
  • Photos: Presentation | Poster

Elizabeth DeJong

  • Quote: "I have a better understanding of the magical thing that quantum mechanics is. It's nice to work with Computer Sciences on a project that overlaps with my major."
  • Photos: Presentation | Poster

Christian Hawkins

  • Quote: "I learned a lot, most importantly, taking the method and perfecting the research. Started first with Instagram videos, how you take the qualitative and distill information to quantitative."
  • Photos: Presentation | Poster

Madison Jaeger

  • Quote: "I learned how much work goes into research before actually implementing it."
  • Photos: Presentation | Poster

John Koopal

  • Quote: "Engineering is difficult. Managing and balance working with the next step and also planning ahead; scheduling, organizing."
  • Photos: Presentation | Poster

Daniela Marin

  • Quote: It was great having a project that combined passions - physics and nature."
  • Photos: Presentation | Poster

Nicholas Mennona

  • Quote: "There is a stark difference between engineering and physics; different mindsets, fruitful discussions; hands-on skills."
  • Photos: Presentation | Poster

Austin Singh

  • Quote: "I learned a different way of thinking compared to the classroom setting. It was continuous reading and searching in order to solve problems."
  • Photos: Presentation | Poster

2016 Program

2016 College of Optical Sciences - RiO REU program students

Participating Students

2015 Program

Paticipating Students