Dean's Fund for Excellence Scholarship

The Dean’s Fund for Excellence scholarships are made possible by the generous annual donations offered by the College of Optical Sciences alumni and friends. Awards are made to both undergraduate and graduate students. Selection are made by a committee designated by the Dean of the College of Optical Sciences. In addition to academic excellence, the committee will also consider commitment to scholarship, involvement in extracurricular activities and interests beyond science and technology in the selection process.  The Dean gives final approval of the selected award recipient in accordance with the defined eligibility criteria.

  • 2020-2021: Kevin Figueroa, Patrick Leslie, Anthony Smith, Arya Fatehi
    2019-2020: Craig Draper, Dror Sapir, Aamir Quraishy, Sanja Dmitrovic, Erin Clark, Jeffrey Melzer, Yi Xia, Xuan Wang, Hwang-Jye Yang, Dustin Mitten, Yanqi Zhang
  • 2018-2019: Ludovico Borghi, Micah Mann, Kira Purvin, Christopher Everly, Jilian Nguyen, Yuqiao Han, Ryan Hamilton, Erin Clark, Soheila Boojari, Raphael Osifeso, Yufeng Yan, Hsiu-Ting Chan, Emily Finan, Zhen Xiong
  • 2017-2018: Guanghao Chen, Weiyu Chen, Seyed Hosseini, Micah Mann, Khalid Omer, Lennon Reinhart, Lauren Schatz, Adriana Stohn, Karen Ward
  • 2016-2017: Christine Bradley, Yitian Ding, Justin Hyatt, Abhinav Nishant, Khalid Omer, Chase Salsbury, Xingzhou Tu and Chun Xia