Norman W. Edmund Merit Scholarship in Optical Sciences

In 1942, Norman W. Edmund founded a mail-order optical instruments company, Edmund Scientific, which specialized in the sales of salvaged telescopes, microscopes and other scientific devices. In the years that followed, he moved operations from a card table in the family home to a brand-new office building, and he shifted his focus from selling surplus equipment to manufacturing and distributing commercial-quality optical components.

Today, that company, now called Edmund Optics, is regarded as the world’s leading producer of optics, imaging and photonics technology.

This scholarship was founded by his son, Robert Edmund, in remembrance of Norman W. Edmund's fearless entrepreneurial spirit.


The Edmund Merit Scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate student who is enrolled at the College of Optical Sciences and has successfully completed at least two years of coursework in pursuit of their degree. The recipient must hold a GPA of 3.7 or better on a 4.0 scale and can demonstrate leadership through student or community organization participation. A given scholar may receive the award for a maximum of two consecutive academic years.

2021-2022: Sebastian Valencia
2020-2021: Clayton Kingsley
2019-2020: Paige Sawyers
2018-2019: Steven Santaniello
2017-2018: Adriana Mitchell
2016-2017: Ashley Nied
2015-2016: Nicholas Lyons
2014-2015: Brandon Hellman