Willis E. Lamb Jr. Graduate Student Endowed Scholarship in Optical Sciences 1 & 2

Nobel Laureate and University of Arizona Regents’ Professor of physics and optical sciences, Professor Emeritus Willis E. Lamb Jr. received a Nobel Prize in 1955 for his experimental work on the fine structure of the hydrogen atom and discovery of a phenomenon called the Lamb shift.  His discovery revolutionized the quantum theory of matter and led physicists to rethink the basic concepts behind the application of quantum theory to electromagnetism. His work became one of the foundations of quantum electrodynamics, a key aspect of modern elementary particle physics.  Dr. Lamb joined the Optical Sciences Center in 1974 and retired in 2002.  

Willis and friends established these two scholarships as a legacy to all who pursue their passions and endeavors to discover great things. In addition to Willis, leading donors to these endowments are Murray and Kamela Sargent III and Elsie Wattson-Lamb.


The Willis E. Lamb Jr. Scholarship in Optical Sciences are open to Ph.D. students applying to their first year of graduate school. The award will cover the student’s academic year stipend, tuition, University fees and health insurance, and may include partial funding for summer research.

FoTO Scholarship
2021-2022: John McCauley and Arya Fatehi
2020-2021: Charles Condos, Jon Pajaud, and Kseniia Oreshinka
2019-2020: William Horrocks and Kylan Jersey
2018-2019: Mitul Dey Chowdhury and Haowei Shi
2017-2018: Eric Reichel and Seth Erickson
2016-2017: Senthilnathan Lingasamy and Ryan Luder
2015-2016: Andrew Schaffer and Shu Yang
2014-2015: Samuel Nerenberg and Liliana Ruiz Diaz
2013-2014: Jessica Doehrmann and Alexander Lin
2012-2013: Jessica Doehrmann



2007-2010: Amber Young