Graduate Student Petition

Beginning Fall 2016, all students are limited to a 1.0 FTE in teaching appointments during their academic career. Both the student and the faculty petitions must be received for consideration for future TA assignments. A petition must be completed for each semester beyond the 1.0 FTE. Completion of the petition does not guarantee a TA position assigned to you, as TA assignments are offered based on the needs of the class.   

Please enter as a four-digit number (i.e. 2017).

Explain why you need an additional teaching appointment, beyond the 1.0 FTE.

The purpose in limiting teaching appointments is to ensure that each student is able to dedicate adequate time to research, so they make satisfactory progress toward a degree. Please explain your plan to balance teaching and research requirements if offered a teaching appointment.

Explain your plans for future funding, so you will not need to rely on a teaching appointment.