Multiple Internship Opportunities | Edmund Optics

Oct. 24, 2022

The following internship opportunities have been posted on Handshake. Visit Handshake to review each position's details by looking up Edmund Optics.



Tucson, AZ

Defense, Commercial Confidential, Export Sensitive, Catalogue and Custom Projects

Marketplace Business Line

Cherry Hill, NJ

2 interns

-Coding Macro for Product Specification Accuracy

-Product Image Identification


Cherry Hill, NJ

1-2 interns

-Customer focused data analytics

-Market/Industry Analysis

-Development of product training materials and tools for sales


Barrington, NJ

1 intern

-Collaborative project between Design and R&D to model, draft and document current engineering testbeds in Solid works.

-Assist with managing and implementing a product development project (custom or catalog)


Laser Optics

Cherry Hill, NJ

1 intern

-Redesigning the customer experience when purchasing a laser mirror online by analyzing product grouping, specification selection and product presentation and comparing with the competition. Putting together a LIDT database and process for employees to access the database from existing LIDT data.

Marketing (Technical Marketing Team)

Cherry Hill, NJ

1 Intern

-Creating online case studies, application notes, videos, and other marketing content to show EO’s technical expertise and build long term relationships with customers.