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Monday, May 2 2022

Monday, May 2, 2022 - 11:00am - 4:00pm

Learn more about Design Day. 

Engineering 498 Interdisciplinary Capstone is a required senior capstone course that creates university-industry partnerships that allow companies to tackle pressing projects through motivated engineering students and provides students with impactful real-world experience. In Engineering 498, students learn the in-depth design processes that are used in industry to provide them with the knowledge they need to succeed after graduation. The ability to put that learning into practice during the course of their senior year allows them to see how it works in real-time, before they enter the job market. Students are mentored by faculty who have retired from, or are still active, in industry so they learn from someone who actively did what they are teaching and can guide from experience. Mentors work closely with both students and sponsors to ensure the students are benefitting academically, and the sponsors are able to see progress on the projects they are sponsoring. Students also work directly with sponsors so they learn how to identify client needs, source manufacturing, and complete deliverables on a set schedule, among many other tasks. 

Now, more than ever, industry-university partnerships benefit everyone involved! The College of Engineering is engaging more with industry to offer programs that work in line with their objectives. In the end, the product of those relationships has become very valuable to the community.