Dissertation Defense: Hyukmo Kang, "Design, Fabrication, and Alignment in Modern Optics"

    Friday, April 22, 2022 - 1:00pm

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    As the demanded performances are being more challenging, optical systems are being more complicated. Astronomical telescopes require a larger aperture to secure light-gathering power for deep space, and advanced instruments with extended functionalities for various scientific objectives. The usage of freeform is increased in various applications to achieve improved image quality, higher throughput with a compact form factor. To satisfy these demanding requirements, innovative, efficient solutions in manufacturing/metrology are necessary. This dissertation covers contributions to the field of optical design, fabrication, and alignment techniques in modern astronomical and industrial applications. The first work is the development of a dwell time optimization for large optics which leverages the genetic algorithm. The next work is the development of an alignment algorithm for deflectometry calibration. The third is the development of a modular plug-in spectrograph for the Large Binocular Telescope which enables cross-dispersion and requires no heavy modification for the current instrument. Each of these topics has been researched and verified through simulations and physical experiments where applicable.