OSC Colloquium: Jon Ellis

    Thursday, September 13, 2018 - 3:30pm - 5:00pm
    Meinel 307

    1630 E. University Blvd.

    3rd Floor Lobby area


    Open to campus and public.


    Speaker: Dr. Jonathan D. Ellis

    Topic: "IRIS: Intra-Tissue Refractive Index Shaping, a Scalable Manufacturing Technology for Refractive Correction"

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    Altering the refractive index of both hydrogel materials and living cornea shows promise for ophthalmic applications. Our novel process, IRIS (Intra-tissue Refractive Index Shaping) uses femtosecond lasers in a mode that induces nonlinear multi-photon absorption and alters the refractive index of transparent ophthalmic materials. We have established numerous tools to generate refractive devices in both hydrogels for contact lenses and intra-ocular lenses, and ex-vivo/in-vivo cornea, as well as tools for performing metrology. This talk will detail some of the techniques for performing and optimizing this process, as well as experimental results from generating refractive devices in both hydrogels and cornea. In addition, this talk will discuss the objectives for the research beginning here at the University of Arizona, including opportunities for graduate students to join this research program.

    Speaker Bio(s): 

    Jonathan D. Ellis is an Associate Professor of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona. He was trained as a mechanical engineer at UNC Charlotte in their Center for Precision Metrology, obtaining a BS in ’05 and MS in ’07. Afterwards, he pursed his PhD at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, finishing in December 2010. Professor Ellis started the Precision Instrumentation Group at the University of Rochester in July 2011 and has supervised students in Mechanical Engineering, Optics, and Electrical Engineering. In September 2017, Professor Ellis moved to the University of Arizona to expand his research program and initiate educational programs around optomechanics and instrumentation. His interests are in the intersections between traditional engineering and science disciplines relating to mechanical, optical, and electrical engineering, as well as vision science and biology. In 2014, he and colleagues co-found Clerio Vision, Inc., where he is also Director of Research, which seeks to transform the laser refractive surgery industry. 


    Refreshments 3:30pm

    Lecture @ 3:45pm - 5pm