OSC Colloquium: Thomas Milner

    Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 3:30pm - 5:00pm
    Meinel 307

    1630 E. University Blvd.

    3rd Floor Lobby area

    Hosts: Kaye Rowan and Thomas L. Koch


    Open to campus and public.


    Speaker: Thomas Milner

    Topic: Optics for Medical Diagnostics and Surgery  

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    Although for millennia the development of optical science and engineering has been intimately interconnected with the human eye, over the last few decades light has been increasingly used to image and treat pathologies in many other tissues.  These recent medical developments and innovations have been enabled in part by availability of extraordinary bright laser sources that are applied to mitigate effects of strong light scattering and absorption in tissue.  The application of broadband fiber-optic interferometry also known as optical coherence tomography (OCT) is routinely utilized by medical physicians and researchers for imaging to traverse the strong scattering properties of most tissues.  State-of-the art diagnostic applications of OCT for imaging diseased human coronary arteries and neural pathologies in the eye are presented.  Advantages of the application of OCT to guide laser surgeries that utilize ablation for tissue cutting or photothermolysis for coagulation are highlighted.  A novel application of image-guided laser surgery for surgical removal of brain tumors in an animal model is presented.

    Speaker Bio(s): 

    Thomas Milner is the Joe King Professor of Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. Milner develops laser devices for surgery and diagnostic imaging.  Milner co-invented the dynamic cooling device that is used on laser dermatological surgical instruments worldwide.  He is one of the early developers of optical coherence tomography - a diagnostic imaging technology used clinically in ophthalmology and cardiology. He is the recipient of the Coherent Young Investigator Award, grants from the National Institutes of Health, and Inventor of the Year at the University of Texas. He is an inventor of 55 U.S. patents and five international patents that have been licensed to six companies. He is a co-founder of CardioSpectra and Dermalucent.  He has authored 160 peer-reviewed articles and eight book chapters.  Milner is a member of the National Academy of Inventors, American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering and the American Society for Lasers in Medicine and Surgery.


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