OSC Special Colloquium: Kyung Soo Choi

    Tuesday, April 5, 2022 - 3:30pm
    Meinel 307

    Open to Campus and public

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    An exciting frontier in quantum information science is the creation and manipulation of quantum systems that are built and controlled quanta by quanta. In this context, there is active research worldwide to achieve strong and coherent coupling between light and matter as the building block of complex quantum systems. Despite the range of physical behaviours accessible by these QED systems, the low-energy description is often masked by small fluctuations around the mean fields. In contrast, we describe our theory/experimental program towards novel forms of light-matter quantum systems, where a highly-correlated Rydberg quantum material is strongly coupled to a cavity field. We call this new domain of strong coupling quantum optics, "many-body quantum electrodynamics." I describe our laboratory efforts towards the exploration of new AMO physics, where locally-gauged quantum materials are entirely driven by the QED vacuum. We find that surprising phenomena arise from the universal features of non-perturbative physics of many-body QED, including the stabilization of topological spin liquids and self-correcting quantum memories.

    Speaker Bio(s): 

    The objective of Dr. Choi’s research is to explore and create new forms of quantized atom-light interactions for quantum optics, quantum information science, and many-body physics. He is best known for his experimental work in quantum networks and quantum memories, and in waveguide QED. More recently, his group at IQC has been articulating, formulating, and pursuing the regime of strongly coupled many-body QED, a new field-theory physical platform for quantum optics in the hope of realizing a gauge theoreticalquantum network with complex phenomena beyond elementary QED. In 2020, he began a quantum computing startup, Q-Block Computing Inc., delivering quantum hardware and services to select partners.


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