SOCk Community Speakers: Industrial Affiliate Prep

    Friday, February 12, 2021 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm

    Join us online!


    The Community Speakers event on Friday, February 12, will be an informal discussion (no Powerpoint, just students helping each other out) on how to get prepared for the upcoming IA job/internship fair - Corporate Showcase. Questions speakers will likely address include:

    • What was your plan going into IA? (i.e Did you apply in advance to a few internship positions and then go and speak to a recruiter about the internship position?)
    • How did you know what companies you wanted to speak to?
    • Who have you interned with? What was your interning experience like?
    • What questions should you ask to recruiters?
    • What should I expect recruiters to ask me about?
    • Since IA will be virtual, what tips would you give to ensure that others communicate themselves well?
    • What attire should you wear?
    • What are things you think you should have done differently during IA?
    • How can you effectively “sell yourself” to recruiters?

    Join in on the talk at NOON on FRIDAY!