Friday, October 30, 2020 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
    OpTea Zoom Room

    SOCk is hosting a SOCk-toberfest on Friday, October 30th on the OpTea zoom room from 7-9 PM. It will be a great opportunity to meet some new people and get to know your classmates better, all while enjoying some good food.

    More on the details, directly from SOCk:

    Good food? How will there be food at a virtual event? This year for SOCk-toberfest we will be placing GrubHub orders for attendees! We are having to navigate a decent amount of red tape set by the university on how we can spend our budget, so there is going to be a very specific way on how we do this.

    First, fill out this google form. In order to access this form you need to be logged into an email with an domain. We have tested it with several accounts. We are not sure if an email will work. We are setting a cap of $20 per order and that is including the delivery fee. If your order is over that we will not place it. Also note that since it is coming from an University of Arizona account we cannot purchase alcohol. All deliveries will be set to arrive at 7pm on the 30th. Please do not fill out this form if you are not going to attend the event. If you do we will have to bar you from future events like this. In the description of your order please be as specific as possible! I would suggest going on GrubHub and filling out an order and type everything you click on. Someone is going to have to go through and replicate each order, so the more specific you are the higher chance they have of getting it right. Since someone will have to input orders we are asking that they are all placed by 11:59:59 PM on Wednesday, October 28th. We are also going to have to cap this at the first 50 orders.

    Your food should arrive right as the activity is starting and we can all enjoy some time together.

    Please email any questions or concerns to

    -SOCk social committee