Special Presentation: "Shake your Fear of the Application Programming Interface (API) and Unleash its Power!"

    Thursday, August 13, 2020 - 11:00am

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    David Vega, a member of the POW optical design team, is presenting a talk available worldwide hosted by the OSC Industrial Affiliate member, Zemax Inc. 


    The Application Programming Interface (API) is a powerful tool that can enhance, automate, and expand the capabilities of Zemax OpticStudio. While object-oriented coding for APIs can be frightening, it doesn’t have to be! During this webinar, David provides you with the basics needed to start using the API with confidence. He will walk through the necessary structure of the code, and how to make it work for your projects by simply copying, pasting, and modifying a few parameters. David will also demonstrate the power of the API by presenting a custom analysis that he has used to evaluate optical systems for their use in the life sciences, specifically multi-photon microscopy.