10th Annual Laser Fun Day Smashing Success

    Date Posted: 
    Monday, April 19, 2021

    The amazing students of SOCk and the Wyant College have done it. A spectacular and educational, 100% virtually-offered Laser Fun Day was presented on Saturday, April 17, reaching nearly 500 viewers on Facebook Live and viewers on the official Laserfunday.org website. The live event offered a full schedule of demonstrations and optical fun starting at 10 a.m. and running through 1 p.m. Viewers were even invited to print out their own materials and participate in activities like the making of an at-home pinhole camera and hollow face optical illusion. 

    The event was a smashing success with the efforts of the students listed here and including SOCk Outreach Chairs: Avalon McLeod and Dani Trontz; Theme Team members: Dominique 'Nikki' Galvez, Josie Maxwell, Jenna Montague and Madeline Nowaczyk; Recruitment Team members: Clarissa DeLeon, Justina Bonaventura, and Christian Pluchar; Demo Team members: Maryam Baker, Sarina Grijalva, Madeline Bergay, Alejandro Barraza, and Alyssa Baller; Tech Team members: Chase Toncheff, Sebastian Valencia, Greg Nero, and Natzem Lima; and Virtual Demo contributors Kira Shanks, Maryam Baker, Alejandro Barraza, Sarina Grijavala, Alyssa Baller, Jenna Montague, Christian Pluchar, Kelsea Kronin, Jilian Nguyen, Christer Everly, and Chase Toncheff. 

    If you missed it, the great thing is you can still watch it! Check out the live stream recording on the student-built website or watch it directly on Facebook. Plus, even more demonstration videos may be found here. Students have worked so hard to continue to spread the word on how amazing optical sciences is since the pandemic began. A full list of live student demonstrations of the wonders of optical sciences may be found here. Congratulations to all the student volunteers and staff and faculty who made this a truly fantastic 10th annual Laser Fun Day!