Engineering Design Day 2022 - Optics Feature

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    Wednesday, May 4, 2022

    The biggest event of an undergraduate engineering student's life was back in-person this week! Engineering Design Day took place at the University of Arizona Student Union Ballroom on May 3rd. Fifteen teams included one or more Wyant College of Optical Sciences B.S. students this year and five of those teams took home one or more prizes! Find a photo album from the day here. See the digital booklet of projects here.

    Ben Cromey, Wyant College alumnus (B.S. 2015,  M.S. 2018, Ph.D. 2020) who now works for Ball Aerospace as an optical engineer, mentored team 22009 this year and shared, "I love continuing to participate in the senior design program, as this enables me to stay involved with the University and with this great course I helped teach for five years. The program is also a great opportunity for us to scout out promising students to recruit to Ball. I’m proud of my team for the hard work they did on my project, Low Cost Drone Tracker! I had fun working with them over the course of the past year, and appreciated their sense of humor working with me."

    Caption: Jason Gaines (senior manager at Ball), Brad Zimmerman (ECE), Carlos Cavillo (ME), Gregory Taylor (former Ball intern, OSE), Mac Kelly (ME), Sebastian Valencia (2022 incoming Ball intern, OSE), Ben Cromey (optical engineer at Ball), and Michelle Helton (operations manager at Ball) | (Credit: Ben Cromey)

    According to the College of Engineering, "Engineering students competed for more than $46,000 in prizes at the first in-person Engineering Design Day since 2019, with projects ranging from a battery-powered flashbang alternative to mealworm protein bars."

    In a press release about Design Day the College of Engineering spoke on one optical sciences focused team,

    One team – Team 22030 – took home the $7,500 Craig M. Berge Dean's Award for Most Outstanding Project, for their Blinding Resonant Incapacitating Throwable Emitter, or BRITE. Traditional flashbang grenades emit a bright light and loud sound to disorient an assailant, but can also be potentially harmful to the person using it. The team developed a battery-powered, reusable alternative designed to be safe for the user.

    The team members created three full prototypes of the device and several dozen prototypes of individual parts. One of the keys to their success, they believe, is that they started early and reiterated often.

    "Most of the products sitting on this table did not work," said optical sciences and engineering major Alex St Peter, gesturing to an array of 3D-printed parts. "Did we fail? Totally. But we failed really early, so we were able to correct that."

    The students were drawn to the project for its many components, and for its application in fields like defense and law enforcement.

    "You could give this to law enforcement and it could be usable. It's something that sparked my eye, and I can see it in the real world," said team lead Jeston Rusnak, a mechanical engineering major. "This is my first time leading a team on a large scale, especially in an engineering capacity. Being surrounded by a bunch of smart people all the time, I have to be on top of my game."

    Overall, a very successful return to in-person Design Day welcomed excitement and enthusiasm for innovation along with perserverance through challenges—qualities that define the field of engineering. Congratulations to all the senior design students on a job well-done and for the exciting futures that lay ahead of you. Read the official press release.

    Craig M. Berge Design Day 2022 Teams with Optical Sciences Majors

    Team 22007

    Title: Noncontact Cell Concentration Detector
    Optics Students: Colin Kendall Hegarty, Nikhil Nagarajan
    College Mentor: Mark Brazier
    Sponsor: Roche
    Project Advisor: Michael Selep

    Team 22009

    Title: Low-Cost Drone Tracker
    Optics Students: Gregory J Taylor, Sebastian Valencia
    College Mentor: Mike Nofziger
    Sponsor: Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.
    Project Advisor: Benjamin Cromey

    Team 22010

    Title: Microscope Slide Cleaning System
    Optics Student: Dayton F Brown
    College Mentor: Mark Brazier
    Sponsor: Roche
    Project Advisor: Matt Mette
    Award: Raytheon Award for Best Overall Design - $5,000

    Team 22015

    Title: Low Size, Weight, and Power Forward Motion Blur Correction for Airborne Imaging
    Optics Student: Sarina M Grijalva
    College Mentors: Heather Hilzendeger, Scott Wright
    Sponsor: Arete
    Project Advisor: Chris Reyerson

    Team 22026

    Title: A Real-Time Vegetation Stress Detection System on a Drone
    Optics Students: Matthew Phillip Wolfgang Hevert
    College Mentor: Mike Nofziger
    Sponsor: Biosystems Engineering
    Project Advisor: Kamel Didan
    Awards: (1) W.L. Frank Broyles Award for Best Unmanned Aircraft Systems Design (Second Prize) – $250
    (2) The Mensch Foundation Award for Best Use of Embedded Intelligence – $1,000
    (3) TRAX International Award for Best Implementation of Agile Methodology – $1,000

    Team 22028

    Title: Connecting Virtual to Reality: Joining VR with Complex Opti-Robotics
    Optics Students: Tyler Collins, Jace Malm
    College Mentor: Mike Nofziger
    Sponsor: Airy Optics
    Project Advisor: Carter Conway
    Awards: (1) ACSS, an L3 Harris and Thales Joint Venture Award for Most Robust Systems Engineering - $2,500
    (2) Technical Documentation Consultants of Arizona Award for Best Design Documentation – $1,000
    (3) Simpson Family Award for Best Simulation and Modeling – $500

    Team 22030

    Title: BRITE: Blinding Resonant Incapacitating Throwable Emitter
    Optics Student: Alex St Peter
    College Mentor: Mike Nofziger
    Sponsor: Elbit Systems
    Project Advisor: Matthias Whitney
    Awards: (1) Craig M. Berge Dean’s Award for Most Outstanding Project – $7,500
    (2) AZ Technica Award for Manufacturing Readiness – $500

    Team 22036

    Title: Robotic Platform for Autonomous Vehicle Safety Assessment
    Optics Student: Dani Trontz
    College Mentor: Elmer Grubbs
    Sponsor: Tucson Embedded Systems
    Project Advisor: Jonathan Schwab

    Team 22041

    Title: Comprehensive Modeling of Beam Propagation in Multimode Fiber and Experimental Validation
    Optics Students: Samar Choura, Lam Nguyen
    College Mentor: Pat Caldwell
    Sponsor: ASML
    Project Advisor: Tao Chen

    Team 22044

    Title: Hyperspectral Camera
    Optics Students: Avalon McLeod, Kevin Meyer
    College Mentor: Huy Le
    Sponsor: Raytheon Technologies
    Project Sponsor: Casey Streuber
    Award: II-VI Aerospace & Defense Award for Best Optical Systems Design - $1,500

    Team 22053

    Title: Adaptive Robot Gripper
    Optics Student: Max Critchfield
    College Mentor: Don McDonald
    Sponsor: Unilever
    Project Sponsor: Kati Gastrow

    Team 22059

    Title: Sensible Solutions
    Optics Student: Juan Inostroza
    College Mentor: Mike Nofziger
    Sponsor: Bayer CropScience
    Project Advisor: Jason Licamele

    Team 22063

    Title: Compact Near-Infrared Imaging Module for Photolithography Source Metrology
    Optics Students: Gabriel James Knepper, Adrielle Troels Thorenfeldt
    College Mentor: Don McDonald
    Sponsor: ASML
    Project Advisor: Erik Huerta

    Team 22065

    Title: Digital to Physical Point Mapping
    Optics Student: Maddie Nowaczyk
    College Mentor: Huy Le
    Sponsor: Raytheon Technologies
    Project Advisor: Michael Futch

    Team 22068

    Title: Close-Range High-Speed Video Tracking
    Optics Students: Madeline Bergay, Luke Somerville
    College Mentor: Mike Nofziger
    Sponsor: Raytheon Technologies
    Project Advisor: Jim Bakarich